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Navneet Majhail (’91), a graduate of GMC’s first batch, is the architect and founder of GMCCOSA and the ‘keeper’ of its website. Incidentally, he was the first entrant to GMC through the All India CBSE quota. The earlier batches might remember him as one of the leaders of the (in)famous 2004 strike for recognition of GMC. Writing and editing come naturally to him; he was one of the editors of ‘Mirch Masala’ (’91 & ’92 batches might recall this hand-written gossip magazine – the second and last issue of which was publicly burnt by some of the featured ‘newsmakers’). He was also the lead guitarist and congo player for the boys hostel based band ‘Cadavers’ (the band did not last long – obviously it was too much work for the boys hostellers). After graduating from GMC, he went on to do a residency in Radiation Oncology from the AIIMS, New Delhi and Internal Medicine from Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland. He is presently an Assistant Professor in  Hematology-Oncology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. His wife, Inder Raj, is a psychiatrist (he vehemently denies that she went into this specialty to treat him!) and his spare time is spent playing with his children, Gurnoor and Kavneer, and trying to teach them the ways of life. He has been a member of the editorial board since it inception in January 2004. 


Hemender Singh (’91) also hails from the famous first batch. He was one the famous HMT (Hammy Majhail Tuli) trio which carried the ‘91 batch through most of their infamous deeds and later the whole college through the GMC strike. After graduating, he joined MS Orthopedics at IGMC Shimla where he spent a good two years before moving on to the USA. He did his internship in Chicago and then completed a residency in Internal Medicine from the University of Iowa, Iowa City. He is presently working as a hospitalist at the Marshfield Clinic, Wisconsin. Hemender was one of the three premier editors of Connections. He loves writing and has reminded all the GMCites of the good old days through his memoirs of med-school days, ‘GMC Chronicles’. He is pictured here with his wife, Reena, who is currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and their daughter, Ira. He has been a member of the editorial board since January 2004.


Sandeep Kochar (’93) is the inspiration behind KOSHISH. He was the CR of his batch and excelled as an all around sportsman during his GMC days. Curtailing his residency in internal medicine at the AIIMS, New Delhi, he moved to the US and completed a combined Internal Medicine/Preventive Medicine residency which included a degree in public health (MPH) from the Yale University. He is currently a first year fellow in Infectious Diseases at the State University of New York, Brooklyn, New York. His main interest is international health including HIV in India and other developing countries. He is pictured here with his very significant other, Preety Chawla (’94), also a GMC graduate, who is currently a first year Cardiology fellow at Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan, New York. They met when Preety was a first year medical student; they realized a mutual interest on the basis of a 10 rupees wager that Preety made with a friend! After a (gloriously) prolonged courtship of almost 10 years (one year for each of those 10 rupees…wonder what might have happened had they bet Rs. 100  instead!), they finally tied the knot in 2004. Sandeep's interests include good food and wine along with cooking, traveling, reading and sports. However, nothing gets him more excited than the opportunity to give back to his alma mater, especially current students. Besides KOSHISH, he has been instrumental in developing the ‘Career Series’ and the mentorship program. He has been a member of the editorial board since January 2004.


Charanjeet Singh ('99), when asked, describes himself as "Malcolm in the middle" of this editorial board. Ever since his conception, the permutations inclined themselves in his favor. He barely managed to get an admission to the medical college, but later the entire cosmos conspired to make others scoreless and make him the Best Graduate of his batch (so say his batch mates). He tried his hand at poetry as a school kid and ever damp Punjab Literary Academy found more water to pour at its weathering walls. He made some sullen contributions to the glorious "Glimpse" and thankfully shirked the offer to be its student editor (We did not need any more of gloom). Because of his frequent disruption of the code of the message board, CJ, by draw of luck has been chosen the next editor of GMCCOSA. After finishing his MBBS, he decided to give some rough time to the USMLE, and these days can be frequently seen torturing interviewers throughout the US. Our trusted GPS also documented signs of his activity at St. George's University, Grenada (WI) since August 2006. He has been found delivering pathologically motivated, necrotic lectures and demonstrating malignant pictures, thus making students irreparably translocated. His non-pathological and illiterate crimes include hashing, hiking, wind-surfing, reading, fishing (in all senses of the word), watching cricket (he confesses to be a born-spectator) and listening to music.


Divyanshoo Rai Kohli (’03) is our youngest member of the Editorial Board. He is glad that his Second Prof is over and has displayed the courage and willingness to juggle his responsibility as an Editor with his Final Prof rotations. He has to his credit, an extensive experience in writing and editing. He has served on the editorial committees of his school magazine at St John’s High School and is currently one of the editors for ‘Glimpse’ (official GMC magazine). He has represented GMC at various literary forums and won the all-India Best Debater award. He has also authored a book on scientists “Milestones in Science” which has been published by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. Besides writing, debating and quizzing, his hobbies include playing basketball & table-tennis, reading, listening to music, singing (only in the bathroom!) and going out on drives. He has been a member of the editorial board since January 2006.


Anuj Sharma ('07) is our newest co-editor and the youngest of the team. He is currently in the second Prof and is enjoying some of the best months of MBBS. For him “it’s the Honeymoon period of one’s career in medicine.” He has been an active contributor to the college magazine Glimpse. He has contributed to his school magazine and has won various debate and declamation contests; this includes first prize in the recent Plexus. His peers envy him for his command over the English language and a sporting reputation with the fairer sex.

Past Members

Rohit Rambani ('93) Jan 06 - Dec 06
Manish Mehta ('97) Jan 04 - May 05







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