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This article by Divyanshoo Rai Kohli (’03) won the FIRST PRIZE in the writing competition (August 2005)

“Pulse-Ephemerally Eternalized” was an apt name for the All India Inter Medical College Fest organized by AIIMS, New Delhi. It ran from 17th to 23rd of September 2004. The prettiest nymphets (escorted by the hulkiest hunks), the most energetic crowds and the liveliest events were its hallmarks. Pulse is all about renewing acquaintances of the past times, meeting old friends strewn all over the country, seeing the grandeur of Delhi, forging new friendships and of course, longingly gazing at the most gorgeous doctors of India! It is a delight for the connoisseurs of beauty.

Everything about AIIMS is grand – the superbly maintained infrastructure, great lawns, imposing gates, bustling boulevards, sky kissing buildings, air conditioned lecture theatres, spacious auditoriums and a very lively student community. It is my firm conviction that GMCH will blossom into something even better. The students of our college are well known amongst other colleges thanks to Euphoria which is widely popular. The star night of Pulse pales before Euphoria.

Delhi is not very expensive and the auto rickshaw is the preferred mode of travel by tourists. The rich history, bustling malls and grand cinema halls of the capital are all mesmerizing. I was thrilled to whiz past the India gate, residences of the Union ministers and foreign cars being used by various embassies. Following is a brief day-to-day account of Pulse 2004.

17-9-04: P-Wave was absolutely mesmerizing. It is similar to Euphoriography but grander in scale and impact. A visit to the world famous Delhi Metro transported us, albeit temporarily, to Singapore. The cleanliness, orderliness, efficient system and punctuality of the trains were almost un-Indian. So used to and hence callous have we become to the sloth of Indian Railways, that Metro had us gaping in admiration. No pushing for seats, no crowded alley-ways and friendly service - that is Delhi Metro.

18-9-04: Hasya kavi sammelan: Milling crowds seemingly poured into the auditorium from every door, turning it into a veritable sea of humanity. News poured in that the best athlete of the college and batchmate, Kamlesh Kumari had won Gold in 100 and 200 metres dashes. We felicitated her hearty congratulations and prided ourselves on the achievement.

Inside the auditorium, voyeuristic gazes surveyed the crowds. Suddenly Miranda House college entered, sending an electric surge in the crowd. Necks were twisted and the eyes followed them till they disappeared from the view. They were evidently wildly popular and with just a glance, I was easily able to ascertain why. A few batch mates noticed my pen flying over the foolscap (which happened to be a flyer of TVS Scooty). “Imbecile, always up to some nonsense”- the look on the face of one of them said it all. Batchmate Ridhi Gulati, surprisingly late, had to manage on a broken seat in an auditorium that seemed to be bursting at its seams. Aditya playfully winked at me. I responded, hoping that some damsel in the same direction just might catch it!! After all, hope springs eternal.

The hasya kavis, a highly sharp and intelligent community, had the audience in splits of laughter. The poets also included a doctor who regaled us with anecdotes of his student days. We danced at the Dance Party till 4 AM and followed up by an informal Basketball match. It was the mecca of sensational enchantresses. Later in the day I won an informal event - the Matka Jhatka.

19-09-04: We bumped into a group of seniors and super-seniors who seemed to be soaking into the enjoyable environs. The debate followed soon and the GMCH team advanced into the next stage, outclassing 17 other teams from all over India, ranging from Vijaywada in AP to Nagpur in Maharashtra. At the exit, a pretty damsel came up, congratulated my partner, Harshabad Singh, on his debating prowess and walked past me without even a second glance, leaving the former in ecstasy and the latter with clenched teeth!!

The Fashion Show was a dazzling extravaganza with well-choreographed dances interspersed between sashaying stalwarts of the fashion world. The female models were a hit with the crowds that seemed to be insatiable. By the way, after the show, no one could recall what the theme was or what the clothes were all about! Some of the batch mates were away to Appu Ghar and others were in Gurgaon.

20-09-04: The only event that attracted the crowds was the English Password. A more profitable way of spending the day was visiting Ansal Plaza, ogling at the displays in various shops and encouraging the proprietors of fast food joints. Another batch-mate, Shruti Akku had by that time, paddled her way to a Gold medal in the Table Tennis singles. Not satisfied, she partnered Kamlesh to grab a silver medal in the doubles. However, the college Basketball and cricket teams failed to advance in their respective contests. The latter had even emerged victorious in their encounter in the first round. Some dubious rules, however played spoilsport.

 21-09-04: The usually self-effacing Sonam Karan, very thoughtfully arranged for a trip to The Lotus Temple. The temple is serene, calm, well maintained and a sight to behold. The museum contains an eclectic harvest of admirable photographs. The highlight of the day (and of Pulse) was the JAM Session. The auditorium was “jam packed” with enthusiastic crowds. The program did not disappoint them! It was very “colourful”, enjoyable, entertaining and er... informative!! Saurabh Uppal of 2002 batch spearheaded Chandigarh’s challenge. A special word of praise for the organizer: Dr. Sanjay Chugh. Hats off to him for being such a sport! Sex sure sells, but he was an expert salesman!

22-09-04: It was the big day for the debating team as the finals were to be held in the noon. I remember being engaged in a hard, relentless battle with a painful abdomen and body ache. After the lively event ended, GMCH students were strutting around with puffed up chests! The debating team stood overall FIRST and also swept away the best debater award. The cash prize stood at Rs. 1500 for the team and an extra Rs. 500 as my individual prize. The celebrations began with a tandoori chicken! Incidentally, only a single supporter from GMCH, Supreet Sethi, was present to boost the team morale. This was a huge improvement over the prelims where only a couple of AIIMSonians cheered for our team! The other highlight of the day was the Mock Parliament - absolutely dazzling, sparkling and refreshing. It was hilarious to see the contestants trying to justify absurd proposals and indulge in irrelevant discussions.

23-09-04: Eight of us went off on a trip to Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk. Among those congested and claustrophobic alleys, were a group of shops serving mouth watering paranthas. It would be a criminal understatement to call the delicacies merely delightful. For once, I decided to tax my already full stomach and gleefully dug into the hot and inviting dishes. I place on record my sincere appreciation of my batch mate Ruby Jain for introducing us to the place. Tummies groaning, we ambled over to the Red Fort and marveled at the intricately carved stones, beautifully laid gardens and the rich history it boasted of. Finally, we returned to be in time for Mr. and Ms. Pulse. The contest was lively, albeit inordinately delayed. A hunk from Indore and a girl from Nepal went home with the honors.

24-09-04: Pulse had concluded, a week of frolic had zipped past, a grand spectacle had taken the final bow and it was time to bid au-revoir to friends. Soon it would be back to college and the world of books, tests and worst of all, getting up at 7 A.M. I had mixed feelings of elation, sadness and nostalgia as I turned away for the last time, from the gate of AIIMS which proudly proclaimed Pulse 2004. If I were an Englishman, I would have doffed off my hat as a gesture of appreciation for the organizers of PULSE 2004. In about five hours, I would be back in Chandigarh preparing for the next @#$% test!         

Divyanshoo Rai Kohli

(Class of '03)




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