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Finally, GMCH has gone into the ‘Big League’. We have a rock band of our own! A motley bunch of five GMCHians have come together to form ‘A Geeky Redemption’ the rock band of our college. The band boasts of guitarists Reuben Lamiaki Kynta (Batch 2003), Aman Batish (Batch 2006), drummer Abhinav (Batch 2006), synthesiser player Kalyani Kansal (batch 2007) and lead vocalist/ guitarist Charanpreet Singh (Batch 2008).

They were a hit during their maiden performance at Plexus 2008 that was organised by batch 2006, the conference hall ran out of chairs while the audience ended up with painful vocal chords! With Aman Batish jumping in sheer frenzy, Abhinav beating the drum like a man possessed and Charan seemingly getting carried away in the sheer ecstasy of the moment, the hall had turned into a hand-banger heaven!

Catch their video on you tube (a geeky redemption):

Here is wishing the pentad all the best!

A Geeky Redemption: L to R Sitting: Abhinav, Reuben. Standing: Kalyani, Aman, Charan




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