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Divyanshoo Rai Kohli, ’03 batch

One fine day, all of us will get busy with our lives, long working hours, no more classes, lectures, canteen, friends and SMS. At such a time when you will look out of the window, the good old memories shall flash by and you will say…Wish I could go back. To all my buddies who helped create such eternal memories!


Half a decade can teach a person the nuances of every possible kind. The time spent in GMCH as an undergraduate will be memorable for all of us in the class of 2003.


We met in the summer of ’03 as hesitant wide eyed and slightly gawky teenaged kids suddenly thrust amidst equally bewildered strangers. Today the gawkiness has been swept away and from strangers we have morphed into batch buddies with deep seated friendships that shall last forever. On the way, common problems (exams- when it used to be Monday all week!) and shared joys (holidays) have forged the strong bonds between us. Read on to reminisce how!


The first year had begun with the mandatory interaction (read ragging) session with the seniors. Frankly, it was fun and broke the frost amongst the batch mates. The boys of the batch, one by one, proposed blushingly to equally alarmed girls (I remember that we ALL were rejected!!), many sang songs in croaky voices as we all gelled with one another. The story of the ‘thirsty crow’, the ‘I-cards’ the boys carried, the planning we guys did to bunk these sessions still bring back smiles. Soon however, the games were over and D-hall, lab work, lectures and seminars took over. Anatomy and Physiology took away so much time that Biochemistry appeared on the horizon barely a month before the exams!


The second Prof was enjoyable for all. We were finally on the ‘correct’ side of the interactive sessions. Pulse 2004 at AIIMS shall remain special for a number of reasons: the first outing as a batch, GMCH students winning the national races (Kamlesh Kumari), national TT crown (Shruti) and the All India debating crown (HS & DRK)! These all took a back seat, however, as cupid went berserk and ‘pairs’ started popping up by the dozen! The clinics had also commenced and the future that awaited us had begun unfolding. Cricket, novels, quizzes, debates (in the local colleges), birthday bashes, dance parties … life was on a high. We organized the Sports Day (best marching batch), the Annual day and the Lohri celebrations. The organizational acumen of the batch was put to test when the intra-college fest ‘Plexus- Zephyr of Zest’ got going. We hunted for sponsors and organized the events as the college rocked! By now all of us had bitten by a common bug: movie at the newly opened mall - the only one in the tri-city back then!


The ‘new’ final year was again light as Eye, ENT and Com Med were not all that taxing. Some of us took up research projects while others went to the gym as everyone put time to good use. We took part in the national protests by the medical fraternity against the reservation policy of the government. The marches and demonstrations were covered live by major television channels as the faculty also chipped in. The college magazine ‘Glimpse’ was taken out by students of the batch. Of course, we had the ‘labour room nights’ that were cool and enjoyable - thanks the movies at the mall where some of us used to sneak!


The final year was a whirlwind! ‘Euphoria 2007: Resonance of the Souls’ was an absolute smash HIT. Its memories do not need to be penned down - so firmly they are etched into our collective conscience. In hindsight, Euphoria was a preparation for the final year: impossible deadlines, extremely high stakes, last moment glitches and finally success by the grace of God! The clinics, especially of Medicine, consumed us in their sheer variety. Bed-side learning experiences (‘DC Saab’ and the ‘Godfather’ rocked) and the class lectures were a curious mix of sublime and somnolence!


The time we all spent together was memorable. The holiday trips together (Goa, Himachal, Rajasthan, Morni) and the college trips (Patiala, AIIMS, DMC Ludhiana) were times of frolic and masti. In bereavement as well as times of joy we were together to share the vagaries of fate.


College was never dull (contrary to belief) and we all had a whale of a time: lunches shared in class, SMS messages, birthday bumps that had the recipient aching all over in the most uncomfortable parts of the anatomy and the never ending hostel room discussions. Past times included ‘Top 5 (grading of the members of the opposite gender)’, fictitious pairing of batch mates, leg pulling, mimicking the ‘bade bhaiyyas’ (best was Guptaji), movies and a dash of sports. The best was of course flopping on to a bed in the hostel and exchanging mirch masala on just about everyone and everything under the sun!


Thinking of those days makes me nostalgic even today. A gentle smile plays on the lips as the ‘adventures’ rush back in. No matter how far we go, the bonds that unite us shall remain strong as ever. My best wishes and affectionate regards to all of us! Keep in touch - always. Till we meet again- Au revior from DRK! Changa pher!


The trophy with the champions!

"Post-Euphoria" euphoria


This plexus was a hit show Kudos yaaron!!




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