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Navneet Majhail, ’91 batch

Well another two years and it would indeed have been Bees Saal Baad. The 1991 batch got together in Chicago on April 11th for its first reunion ever. Although Waheeda Rehman and Biswajeet could not grace the occasion, the stars and starlets of ’91 batch (at least some of the ones in the USA) certainly did.

I am sure my classmates will vehemently deny this, but there is no doubt we are getting old. For starters, everyone was accompanied by a ‘better’ half and was besieged by one, two or three ‘Mini-Me’s’. The paunches of prosperity were hard to ignore, at least for the men of my batch (again, ‘boys’ does not sound right). Diaper bags and milk bottles were omnipresent. And when conversation centers on the pros and cons of dyeing ones hair, it is a certain sign of senility. 

But for one night we were in a time warp – we felt young again, as if nothing had changed. Some of us were meeting for the first time in more than 10 years, but it felt as if we had met just yesterday. There was so much to talk about, but it was hard to know where to start. Many spouses had heard all these stories about our times at GMCH, and for them, it was finally connecting names with the faces.

We have all made tremendous strides in our careers – we had an internist, neurologist, psychiatrist, nephrologist, cardiologist, oncologist and a plastic surgeon amongst us, to name a few. But it was heartening to see that in essence, none of us had changed. Put aside the wrinkles and the white hair, and we were the same batch that started GMCH in 1991.

There was good food and dancing. Everyone took to the mike and recounted at least one memory of GMCH. The college bunks, the classes, the exams, the faculty and all the countless pangas of our batch – we remembered all things reminiscent of the wonderful times we had at GMCH. All our good and bad deeds, while by the way, we also learnt medicine. Fortunately, no one picked at old wounds or divulged secrets about their or others old flames. A DJ kept us dancing late into the night to the tunes of recent and not so recent hits. ‘Piya tu ab to aaja’ and the chants of ‘Monica, oh my darling’ took us back in time instantaneously. Before we knew it, the night was over and it was time to say good bye.

Till we meet again…as I always say…stay connected!!

[PS: who made it to the reunion: Amit, Harminder, Harvinder, Hemender, Jaswinder, Meeta, Navneet, Puneet (and his wife Shikha ‘93), Shalini, Surmeet; also, kudos to Hemender and Surmeet for organizing this event]







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