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What is the best way to attempt MCQ's?

The easiest trick to get the MCQ right know the answer!!! But in case the bulb does not light up, here are a few tricks that have worked for me consistently in Indian PG exams and the USMLE and in-service and board examinations.

1. Always trust you GUT feeling; more often than not you will be right.

2. The corollary to the above that is NEVER, NEVER, NEVER change an answer once you have set down a choice. This rule is ABSOLUTE and resist whatever temptation to do...virtually every time you will end up second guessing yourself and changing a right answer to a wrong answer.

3. Choices which have much longer (or shorter) stems then the other choices are usually the answer.

4. Answers that are all inclusive or exclusive (e.g. never, always, cannot) are almost always wrong because we no that in medicine there are always exceptions.

5. Questions which have options such as...All the above or None of the above are often correct.

Reading the above you feel that...

1. You will NEVER get a answer wrong.

2. You will ALWAYS be right.

3. Having done a comprehensive review and prepared very hard and because you took a vow to celibacy if you did not clear the exam blah blah, rah rah.....(remember tip 3!!!)

4. All the above.

Sandeep Kochar




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