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This is an archive of messages from the message board regarding US/UK residencies and visa issues. This is not an active message board.


Dec '06: Preparing for the interview

Dec '06: Questions about prematch

Dec '06: Thank you note - email vs. letter

Aug '06: Letter of recommendation

Aug '06: List of residency programs

Jul '06: Moving after one year of residency

Jul '06: Residency in Neurology

Jun '06: To do or not do Indian PG first

Jun '06: Surgery residency in USA

Apr '06: Observership - when and how

Mar '06: Is research a must for getting a residency

Jan '06: H4 to J1 visa

Dec '05: Question about PLAB - UK

Dec '05: USA vs. UK vs. Australia

Sep '05: Best time to interview

Sep '05: How to prepare for CSA

Aug '05: J1 vs. H1 visa

Jul '05:  J2 and EAD requirement

Jun '05: Fifth pathway program

Jun '05: Preparing for Step 3

Jun '05: Anesthesia H1 programs

May '05: J1 vs. H1 visa

May '05: J2 and EAD validity

May '05: Letters of recommendation

Mar '05: Documents needed for J1 visa

Mar '05: Which state to apply for Step 3

Feb '05: Duration of J1 visa

Sep '04: GPA calculation

Aug '04: Tips for applying for residency

Aug '04: IMG friendly programs



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