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I am graduate of 1996 batch and I would be applying for a residency in internal medicine 2005. My scores are 88/92/csa pass and I am ECFMG certified. I am currently in the USA on F1 visa. Kindly suggest to me about what hospitals to apply for and any other tips for the same.

Which hospitals you apply to depend on a lot of factors. You have reasonably good scores. Other things to look at would be: Visa (J1 vs. H1), whether you want to do fellowships later, what is you current prior experience (I am assuming you are doing an MPH, PhD etc here in the US given that you are on an F1 visa), any family/other reasons to stay in a particular part of the country and so on.

Foremost, apply early (ideally, as soon as the ERAS opens). And call programs...ask them what their criteria for FMG's are - some of them will politely (or not so politely) say that they only take US citizens or green card holders. Others will say that they 'encourage' you to apply, but most of the residents are US graduates. So eventually you will have a list of programs that take in FMG's. Then you can ask around, post on this message board etc etc to see where there is a possibility of your getting an interview. High yield areas for FMG's (who need visas) are the states of Illinois, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, but remember, all states have residency programs with FMG's.

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