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I am planning on taking my Step 3 as soon as I pass Step 2CS. I have a couple of questions for the editors and other active alumni, regarding the Step 3.

1. I looked up the FSMB website and different states have different requirements for Step 3. I am planning to go into the 2006 NRMP, so I have no idea where I'll end up. What state do I choose? Also, if I were to choose a state now and take the step 3, and then end up in another program, will my score be valid/accepted there?

2. Do I have to take the test in the state that I say I am seeking licensure in?

3.Can anyone give me some ballpark idea of what would be a reasonable duration of study to crack step 3? I do understand there are many variables there and there probably is no unique magic number.

Thanks a lot!

It has been more than four years since I gave my step 3, so I will encourage others to leave their input here as well.

Ans1: Does not matter what state you apply through. Choose a state that does not require foreign med grads to have US experience prior to sitting for step 3. For example, I sat for the exam in Pennsylvania, applied for Connecticut, did a residency in Ohio and now a fellowship and will be applying for a license in Minnesota.

Ans2: I don't think so, but I will ask more recent step 3 and license applicants to answer this question.

Ans3: It varies, depends on your basic capability, how long ago you sat for step 2 etc. I am guessing, maybe a month or two. No body believes this, but I studied for only 1 day before the exam, had already signed a prematch, so there was no motivation...just managed to pass! All I went through was the First Aid for step 2. But this is something I would not recommend, study hard.

Navneet Majhail

Most of my friends took exam in CONNECTICUT and they recommended the same to me. I think its the default option, almost ideal for people going in the match.





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