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I am applying for the 2006 match. I got Letters of Recommendation around October of 2004. I was wondering if I should ask our the faculty to send out new LORs or can I use these same LORs? Any ideas...fellow GMCites? Editors?

You can use old ones, no probs.


I will recommend that you try and get more recent letters (at least one). If you cannot, that's okay, and if the new ones are not as good as or better than the old ones, use the old ones. Anyway, if you apply for internal medicine as a FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATE, the hierarchy of things looked at is as follows:

1) USMLE Score
2) USMLE Score
3) USMLE Score
4) CV/Resume/Past experience
5) Reco letters (unless they are from somebody here in the US and then you can move it up to (4))
6) Personal statement

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