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I have heard that J-2with EAD is valid max for 4 years. But if somebody on j-2 with EAD wants to do fellowship with residency, what happens then as more than 4 yrs are needed. Any ideas??

Where did you get the 4 year rule for J2 concept. I don't think there is any rule like this - others can correct me regarding this. I believe as a J2, you can get an EAD to work as long as the J1 is in status - be it 1 month or 7 years.

Navneet Majhail

I've got this info from various forums and few univ protocols for j1 dependent i.e. j2. The info is very variable; some have mentioned max 4 yrs EAD others have mentioned as long as j1 is in status. Do u have any idea how difficult is it to change from j2 to j1 in case the EAD expires at 4 yrs?

I know of people who have switched from J2 to J1 for a variety of reasons. I personally don't know how difficult or easy it is for that to happen, but I imagine it should not be difficult - you are going from a relatively easy/relaxed visa status (J2) to a more stringent visa (J1) (vs. the other way around). Remember though - if you switch from a J2 to a J1, you are stuck with dealing with two waivers/2-yr home country rule requirements (your spouse and yourself) vs. only one if your spouse is on J1 and you continue your residency on a J2.

Regarding the J2 duration requirement - I went through the INS (now USCIS) website - I did not find any mention of the 4 yr limit for J2.

Navneet Majhail

Hey guys I asked my international office about this and what they say is there is no 4 year limitation as far as they r aware but EAD is given for 1 year only and after each yr u have to renew it, and should not be a problem if J1 is valid.


Again, that information is not true. The EAD you get on the basis of a J2 is valid for the time period that the J1 is valid for, be it one, two or more years. Most programs sponsor your J1 for 1 year and then renew it yearly (because most programs renew your residency contract annually) - so the J2 is valid for one year in that case. But if a program sponsors your J1 for say two years, then the EAD that the J2 gets will also be valid for two years (till the date the J1 is valid).

Navneet Majhail




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