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I was wondering if anyone in the alumni has any suggestions on what is the best time to interview. Iserson's recommends interviewing late in the season, so it is easier to be remembered when the ROL submission rolls around. However, it seems for IMGs (who want pre-matches), people try to interview early. Any input is appreciated.

If you want a prematch then you SURELY have to interview before late December. Best would be by November and let the program that you are interested in know that you would like a prematch if they offer one (do that only if u really really are interested in a prematch in that program).

For the match...truth is no one really knows. I mean, many say that late is best as they remember n blah blah. But you meet sooo many who match (through the NRMP) even though they had interviewed there early. So if you are looking for match, I would suggest you fix up dates according to your convenience. If you have excellent scores and background, you should be able to match in a good program.


It makes sense to interview early if you want a prematch: the early bird catches the worm. If u want to match at a university program in March: All's well that end's well. So its your personal choice on what path to follow to either a community program prematch or strike gold and the risk of the alluring university program match.


This whole issue that to interview early is better than interviewing late and vice versa is totally bogus. If the programs like you - it does not matter when you interview. All programs keep a tab on who all they interview. Big programs, where hundreds of candidates are interviewed, again have systems for ranking candidates a few days after your visit - and again, flags or stars or notes are added to your file and it is kept aside in the preferred candidate pile.

For FMG's it is generally advised that you apply early and interview early. The reason being that a lot of us are interested in pre-matches for a variety of reasons. And if you interview early, and the program likes you, there is a better probability they will offer you a pre-match - most programs that offer prematches like to get at least some seats filled through the match and offer a fixed quota for prematch - and if by the time you interview, they have offered all the prematches, then you will be asked to go through the match.

But everything here is flexible, if you have scores of 101 in both steps, have Phd and FRCP, have discovered 10 new drugs and have received the Nobel prize, programs will not even bother to interview you - they will just send you your first salary!!

Navneet Majhail




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