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Can some one provide me with details of opportunities in Australia as UK doesn't seem to be a bright option.

Could not stop myself from replying to this...and this is for anybody else who is in the same boat as you. Look man, it is good that you are making efforts to find out about places - which is obviously the right thing to do and the first step in making any decision. But first and foremost, before you decide to go anywhere you need to be very clear in your mind about what you want from life, what are you trying to achieve by trying to go to Australia or UK or USA or wherever. If one is just trying to get away from India and escape the struggle you have to do in India after MBBS, then please think again. Because the picture is rosy nowhere my friend... you will have to struggle anywhere you go and believe me struggle in countries outside India is even harder. This is no exaggeration and I am sure our friends who have already made this journey will agree with me. UK is a place best suited for people who have already done MD/MS from India and who just want to practice outside for a few years and then eventually go back. This is an excellent choice as money is good, good lifestyle and obviously a whole new experience. For people like us who have not done PG, it is more or less a dead end (at least professionally) unless you are exceptionally talented or extremely lucky.

USA, as compared to, UK is much better if you just take professional training into consideration. USA has a very good structured training program where more or less people are serious about training you as a physician. If you do your planning properly there is no limit as to what you can achieve. Then there is obviously the money factor which is no doubt important.

The point I am trying to make is before leaving India be clear in your mind about what you want and where you want to see yourself in next few years. Don't come looking for greener pastures because there is none;  be prepared for struggle and always have a back up plan in mind because even the greatest of plans have a habit of falling apart midway.

In no way my intention is to discourage you or anybody else, I am just telling you what I feel about this whole issue. I just felt this might be of help as this is after all, a major turning point for our lives.


Well I never leave an opportunity to jump into these discussions, forgive me for that. Geetuís words seem to have come straight from the heart; not a didactic of some preacher but an essence of his own personal experiences, which how so ever bitter it may be, gives the real taste of life. He has drawn such a simple and beautiful picture of what this canvas of leaving India is all about. I will both agree and disagree with him on certain points.

He is right in saying that struggle never ceases whether you are in India or in UK or US or Australia. I agree with his interpretation of the well structured training in US but at the same time I have never been able to convince myself to accept the quality of personal life which comes with this package of training. For a person like me who needs a lot of time for myself to satisfy my other interests, I can never see myself working those long tiring hours with no time for myself. My colleagues will argue that it is just the initial few years and yes I do agree but these initial years are equally precious to me to do what I want to do today rather than live with a hope to do them in future which I havenít seen.

I will partially agree with Geetu on situation in UK, the situation at the moment is very depressing and gloomy but I am sure things are about to change soon. Having MD/MS form India may be an advantage but then again itís an individual decision because you have to start from beginning here. I definitely enjoy the quality of life here in UK as it has given me time and inspiration to develop my interests outside medicine. Having lived in London for almost 2 years now, I feel that I have evolved very fast as a human being and I know that my decision to come to UK has been a good one.

To cut short what I am trying to emphasize is that it is an individual perception. You have to know what you want from your life and what you want to be seen doing in future. I will put it in my own words,


And to me personally, the worst are the third group that is the ones who are unaware of themselves. My personal message to you will be to first realize what you want from life, where you want to be and for what reasons and what you want to be doing not only today but a few years from now. Evaluate the pros and cons of the options available to you. Sometimes you have to make some sacrifices and sometimes you have to take big risks as well. But what is important is that you have thought about these in advance so that you do not repent tomorrow your decisions of today. I hope you will forgive us for being didactic if you see it so. But I think we all speak from our personal experiences, and you, I am sure have your own experiences to guide you. I wish you all luck in this decisive phase of your life. I hope you will make a decision that suits your own personal aspirations and not just the dreams projected from other peopleís aspirations.





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