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I have cleared PLAB 1. Please help me regarding prospects in UK. The picture in my mind is that it is very difficult for an overseas doctor to find an entry into UK's medical system. As told by a few of my seniors - to find a training post (post-graduation) or even a job now is next to impossible. Please let me know of the real picture. Also, is it advisable to come with some job experience in hand (Junior Resident etc.). Will such kind of experience help much or can the same time can be utilized in doing a clinical attachment in UK.

It is tough, long term future is grim, until you get lucky. You can get the first job in 1 day to many years, be prepared for 8 months to one year. JR experience helps you deal with working here better. Lines for attachments are long. Go to all hospital websites individually and fine contact address for consultants. Fax/mail them your CV from India itself. As this process is long, you will be ahead in the game by applying from India early. Weigh risks vs. benefits; research - internet, phone and personal networking are your best friends.


Well Sanjeev has already said a lot to give you some idea of what the scene here in UK is. It's your personal view of your life and future which should guide your decisions. We being in the system can only give our point of view as we see it.

The medical training system in UK is undergoing a major transformation at the moment with the modernizing medical careers (MMC) programme. You can find more information about this on the website It has information for overseas doctors as well. It is not exactly clear yet how this is going to affect overseas doctors; already the job situation is not very good and almost 35% doctors could not get jobs this August.

But I will not like to put you off completely, you have to take risks at times and I know people do manage to get jobs although the wait is longer. I also know some people who have gone back for not being able to get jobs. It depends on your personal resources, financial and psychological how much you can endure and hold on, some people have more and some have less.

Getting attachment from India itself is a good option, try searching on internet to find contacts of as many consultants as you can and send your CV to them; getting an attachment even is very competitive. This website may help to find names and addresses of some consultants.

If you are prepared to take these risks give it a try and finally as I said consider your plans for your future and your options and decide what is best for you rather than us telling you to come over or stay back.

Hope it helps.





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