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Does anyone have experience on going from H4 to J1 visa? What about converting from J2 to J1?

I don't know of anyone going from H4 to J1. I do know of a colleague from residency days who converted from H1 to J1 (for a fellowship position). He was from the middle east and as I recall, he had to go through the usual J1 process through ECFMG. Essentially for an Indian, that would mean a statement of need from Health Ministry, Govt of India (I am not sure, but the US embassy in Washington DC might be able to do take care of this if the person is already in the US on an H4 - Google and check out their website). I am guessing that the process would be similar for H4 to J1. The above is 4 years old - things might have changed since then. Another option is to consult an immigration attorney who might know the latest rules - the first consultation (person/phone/email) is quite often free.

I know of somebody who did convert from a J1 to a J2 - but then after her spouse finished his residency (he was also on a J1) - they both had to find independent waivers.

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