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Is it true that it is next to impossible to get a residency in Surgery after clearing the USMLE steps (even with good scores)? If yes, then can someone guide regarding where else abroad one can manage to get good surgical training after MBBS?

Itís not impossible to match in General Surgery, though it is difficult. You should have a CV better than the rest of the applicant pool to be a serious candidate because high USMLE scores are a commonplace now a days especially with FMG's.

To make the long story short, do some good research with results or know somebody or have great luck to manage a position. Europe is good for polishing your skills, or if you are born there, otherwise don't waste your time on that idea. If SURGERY is your only goal, and not money or western life, INDIA provides the BEST surgical training in the world. Think about that and ask around to those who are into it.


Not completely is difficult, but has been even more so in the past. More and more FMG's are getting into the field now. You can look up match statistics here and draw your own conclusions:

It seems out of 1000 odd possitions around 80 % are filled by American Grads; that leaves 200 odd seats nation wide...difficult, but if you compare ratios, certainly no difficult than in India...and remember, the ratio is further in your favor if you realize that for those 200 or so seats you are not competing with American Grads (no competition there...they will get the nod in favor of FMG's anytime), but with a limited pool of FMG's.

So if the percentages remain stable as they are, then things are not that dim. And if you think you can't be in those select 200, then it's time to push yourself and ask what you are made was never meant to be easy, and anyway, the surgical residency here is a grueling 6 year program at the least.


But also do not forget that out of these 200 FMG's about half are US citizens who have gone into foreign med schools. So although classified as FMG's, they still have an edge over us.





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