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If I want to get a residency in medicine in a good university, will it help if I do an Indian PG first? Or should I directly give the USMLE exams and apply? I am currently an intern.

For foreign med grads, the most important thing is your USMLE score. If you have scores of 90+, having a PG under your belt could help - adds on to your strengths. However, if you have scores of less than 80, then a previous PG does not matter - you will be in big trouble and will have to struggle hard to get a spot (but you will get it eventually). Another downside to a PG is that a lot of programs want you to be within 3-5 yrs of your medical school graduation, and if you do a PG, you may not be eligible for applying to those programs. But again, if you are interested in something like surgery, previous experience (like a PG) definitely helps.

If you are an intern - my advice is make up your mind about what you want to do with life - if it is come to the US - then study hard for your USMLE, get good scores and come and interview here for a residency spot.

Navneet Majhail




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