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If one opts for some residency program in the US and completes PGY1 there, can he again try matching in a different university with the experience in next years match?

There is no clear answer to this. The most important thing involved is that your program director has to be willing to let you go. When u apply for next match, you will need letters from the program where you are currently doing PGY1. So if your PD understands the reasons why you want to leave their program after 1st year and then apply again, only then will he/she give letters. Hence, a clear answer can come only when you join PGY1 and get to know your PD. I would not risking asking your PD about this unless he/she is understanding and you have a good reason to move. Remember, if he does allow you to reapply, the chances are good that program will not give you a PGY2 contract, and God forbid if you don't rematch! if things turn out well, then yes the experience helps you. Also if you plan to come on an H1,think again, as this wastes 1 year on you H1.


This is a tricky question and agree to something's that Sonica mentioned. I have done this in the past, so here are some tips:

1. If you want to switch PGY-1 to PGY-1, it will be very difficult; most programs get funding for each resident, and if you repeat a year, they lose a significant amount of money and most programs will not do it (except the major universities, big hospitals with large amount of money).

2. PGY-1 to PGY-2 is ok, and acceptable and people do it all the time and if you search hard and long enough you will find is a gamble however. Many PGY-2 spots open up as people move all the time for various reasons such as spouse etc.

3. You will need a letter of recommendation from your PD before you can apply for the switch; the new program will not even meet you without a letter from the current PD; so forget even doing it on the sly. The best policy is honesty and being straightforward.

Again nothing is set in stone and it is a gamble, people do it all the time year after year.


This also depends on which visa upi are on. If you are on H1 or J1, your life is in your current PD's hands. If you are a green card holder or beyond, you are your own boss. Even if you get fired, you can always get something else. Another thing to consider is a prelim year - get the experience, and then reapply. That is perfectly fine and desirable if you are thinking of getting into a better program.





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