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I was told that its better to send a paper thank-you letter to the Program Directors following interview, rather than an email. Is this true? People say a paper letter is more formal and better at reminding the PD about you. Please advise?

Anything in written is more personal than an email. I am a chief resident in my department and I am totally involved in the interview process. We sit with attendings when they interview  candidates. Then we take the candidates for a tour of the hospital and speak to them on a more informal level than the attendings - the program director then asks us if we feel anyone is a potential candidate. I received multiple cards and thank you letters and it does seem quite courteous and appreciative. An email is so business like and corporate. Also, a lot of times the emails may not even be active. I know some directors whose emails go through their secretaries first and many don't even get forwarded to them. What I did, was call the director or speak to one of the faculty that I interviewed with and personally thanked them. If that is impossible then send a thank you note. It is a much better option than email. REMEMBER: every member of the faculty including residents, chiefs, attendings, nurses and even secretaries are asked by the Program for their view of the candidates. So put on a smile for everyone and treat everyone equally. In the US, a clerk is given just as much professional respect as an don't forget to be courteous and appreciative of everyone you meet.





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